Payboy card

PAYBOY provides a choice of two types of cards: virtual and plastic.
Virtual PAYBOY cards are suitable for buy advertising facebook, google adwords and in another targeted traffic sources.
Plastic cards are issued with a chip,
you can withdraw money from ATMs around the world, including airports in Malaysia.

Virtual card

Online purchases and payments are now easier and more convenient.
Opening for only 4.99 USD/EUR, free of charge service, suitable fees.

Order virtual card

Plastic card

A card with a chip, for secure online and offline shopping.
Issue card for only 1 USD/EUR.
Free of charge service, instant replenishment through a payment account.

Order a plastic card
Card feesed Virtual SERVICE
Free of charge
Per month Free Free
Add money on Card 0,99 $/€ 0,99 $/€
ATM Withdrawal -- 1,99 $/€
Purchases Free (in USD/EUR) Free (in USD/EUR)
Add money Free Free
ATM withdrawal Free Free
Purchases Free Free
Card creation 1 $/€** 4,99 $/€ (14,99 after 7 days)
PIN change Free Free
Balance inquiry Free Free
Chargeback 35 $/€ 35 $/€
Currency exchange (FX fee) Free Free
Card Reissue 9,99 $/€ 9,99 $/€

2,99 for other currencies + FX fee 2,95%

* * + 1 + 0,99 $/€ add money